get organized

Get Organized

Managing the Paperwork: Folders work. Accordian files are good too. A large binder with plenty of dividers is a great choice as well. Whichever you choose, getting yourself organized is key. The undergraduate college application process involves a tremendous amount of paperwork, despite the fact that almost all applications are completed online. Let me help you set up a system to keep all those documents in good order.

Doing the Research: If the application process has you stressed or overwhelmed and you need some help researching schools, quickly accessing "fast facts" and undergraduate stats, let me know. I am happy to assist with this piece of the puzzle. As a university webmaster for fifteen years, I have plenty of experience organizing large amounts of information and creating clear, systematic methods of navigatation.

Completing the Applications: If instead, you need help motivating your child to get started on the application process and follow through, encouraging him or her to complete the online forms, tackle the various essays, solicit teachers and guidance counselors to write letters of recommendation and meet those all-important deadlines, I am available to assist in this capacity as well. I am task-oriented and excel at creating to-do lists, keeping track of details and spurring young people to action.

Easing the Tension: By the way, it is no secret that teenagers, and children in general, are often more amenable to the advice and directives of adults who are NOT their parents. I'm not sure of the science behind this. And I know, as a parent myself, that it certainly isn't fair. Neverthelesss, it's a dynamic that does, indeed, exist. So, if you want some relief from that itchy-and-scratchy relationship with your son or daughter, which is a result of your well-meaning attempts to rally him or her to stay focused and on-task, but which is unfortunately being interpreted as nagging, I'm happy to step in and help. You will be surprised at how quickly the addition of a new, unbiased voice can alter and improve the dynamics of the relationship and the flow of the application process.

Watching the Clock: There's no time like the present. We've got so much to do. The Common App and Coalition App essay prompts for 2020-21 are available now. Let's get started!