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Debra Gips
phone 609-304-1677
fax 856-273-6522

After spending so much of my time working online, I am excited by the prospect of working with people in and around my community on a more personal, face-to-face basis. And yet, I know that a good deal of my work will continue to be accomplished at my desk and online. Without a doubt, it is just as easy to share ideas on the phone and essay drafts via email as it is sitting across a table from one another. I also realize that there are several communication vehicles out there today eager to host our dialogue. This being the case, let me know which you prefer -- phone, fax, text message, email or even facebook. Whichever method will get the job the done is just fine with me.

I am happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss my services and fees.

The Common App and Coalition App essay prompts for the current admissions season are available now. Get in touch soon so we can get organized and get cracking on those essays! I look forward to working with you.